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Agnetic, LLC Designing food and agricultural symbiotic systems for soils, animals people. Home | was started in 2004 to design, develop deploy, Dinner-to-Dirt Back Again™ the three stomachs of agriculture ... About Us Polyculture By Design™, (PBD) is a start-up company designed deliver, way scalable sustainability, better animals, Crowdsourcing Agnetic s Client Profiles Agile Business model Financial Logistical Analytical Social Biological Closed = bound non-disclosure agreements (NDA Research Centers Food/Ag Think Tanks Agriculture/Computer & Ag Start at 12 clock go clockwise. Nature-based Logic Commercial Digital We translate this philosophy -

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Bringing system design benefits to agriculture - New Ag Playbook - Agnetic, LLC Generating Ag System Design Benefits ... • Chrysler LFM Professor of Management Sloan School of Management Massachusetts Institute of ...

Connecting The Ag System Dots - New Ag Playbook - In addition to the consumer driven reasons, look for these firms to extend the going green trend upstream to their Ag commodity suppliers for the following ...